Compliant Collections, Proven Results


  • Over 85 years of ARM management experience


Full Service Collection Agency


We strive to provide a positive experience for consumers by treating each individual with respect and understanding.


Committed to providing unparalleled, highly compliant performance through our effective approach to collections & client services.

Who Is CLM Services?

We are a nationally licensed collection agency providing the highest quality of compliant recovery and special project solutions for our respected client partners across the country. We have an established reputation as a proven leader and experienced provider of outstanding recovery solutions in the areas of collection services, customer service, and special projects that deliver bottom-line results and consistently positive experiences for organizations across all financial sectors.

Product Suite for Creditors

CLM offers a full suite of collection and recovery services for creditors making us the perfect partner for distressed account management. We understand the nuances of each debt collection strategy and build customized solutions to achieve the specific goals of each individual client we work with. Our services span all delinquency stages from 5-days delinquent to out of statue account management.

Optimizing Recovery Performance

We work with each client partner to optimize recovery performance while respecting the consumer, adhering to state & federal regulations and protecting the client’s brand. Our unique balance of performance and compliance provides opportunities for our clients to enhance cash flow through optimized recovery performance using a consulting approach.


  • * Capital Link records 100% of all calls, inbound as well as outbound
  • * CLM utilizes Provana’s ICAPS system. This is a call analytics program which will look for all FDCPA and UDAAP violations, as well as any additional state laws. The programming is also based to verify all CLM’s policies are upheld on each call
  • * 100% of all calls are run through ICAPS. CLM currently maintains, on average, a 92% pass rating.
  • * Every new collector is required to take the ACA’s FDCPA course and pass the subsequent test with a minimum score of 90%.
  • * The entire collection floor to include management is required to take the ACA FDCPA test semi-annually and pass with a 90% score or better.
  • * CLM also utilizes Provana’s IPACS system for complaint tracking and risk management
  • * CLM maintains in house compliance personal that have been certified via the ACA.
  • * Semi-Annual FDCPA training and testing for all collectors.
  • * Weekly compliance reviews with Executive management to review all complaints, regulatory issues, or internal monitoring defects.
  • * CLM also maintains certification via independent audits to be SOC II certified.