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Who Is Capital Link Management?

Capital Link Management, LLC was formed in 2016 as a National collection agency and has continued to grow into a premier vendor recognized for our services with credit card issuers, banks, debt buyers along with other Verticals of business in the accounts receivables industry.
While there is no shortage of companies who claim they can help you with this delicate balancing act, few have the skills, resources, and infrastructure to make good on that promise. That is where Capital Link Management stands apart. We understand your top concerns, and we are prepared to provide you solutions that address those concerns.

Your brand is our priority. Our collection strategy prioritizes a compliant, consultative approach with an emphasis on respectful negotiations, so neither you nor your clients need to worry about brand degradation. We train our staff to not only understand your product but adopt the appropriate tone. This builds a sense of continuity and trust for consumers: rather than feeling like they have simply been handed off to a third-party who doesn’t have their best interests in mind, we focus on understanding their challenges and offering real solutions. Ultimately, we like to leave each consumer with the feeling that they have been treated fairly – which minimizes the risk for negative publicity – while also ensuring that clients realize the most favorable return on their investment.


To exceed industry standards for quality and compliance by delivering forward-thinking, innovation-driven recovery and special project solutions that generate revenue and build capacity for our clients while never wavering from our commitment to delivering the best possible experience for consumers.


CLM is an active member of ACA International. Our membership provides important information that helps guide our processes and staff development to ensure that we remain compliant with evolving regulation. We regularly participate in events and benefit from networking, conferences, educational information, and more. We strive to stay abreast of current developments as they occur to remain current with important industry trends and changes


We value the opportunity to support our community and the organizations within it that are helping to better the lives of our neighbors. Our team is passionate about actively participating in charitable organizations and events as well as sporting, cultural, and academic support opportunities.

Quality & Compliance

Our adherence to the highest standards of quality and compliance has been a major building block of our success. Working with us, clients can be assured that our team strictly adheres to our rigorous quality control program to safeguard client data. We achieve our high quality standards by maintaining all data in a completely secure area with access limited to only authorized personnel. In addition, our Internal Auditing Department ensures compliance with all procedures developed and outlined by each contractual agreement.

Capital Link Management

We train our staff to not only understand your product but adopt the appropriate tone.


Your brand is our priority

Collection Strategy

Our collection strategy prioritizes a compliant, consultative approach