In pursuing our goal of providing client satisfaction, CLM mandates in-depth training of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), all state laws, as well as all additional regulations such as Dodd Frank (UDAAP), FCRA, EOCA, ADA, SCRA, TCPA, & GLBA for all our new associates. We recognize the fact that not only do our clients depend on us to recover their delinquent accounts, but they also demand that their costumers be treated with respect and professionalism.
Training of new collection associates consists of a two-week program with an emphasis on compliance. During the first week, new collectors begin to learn the techniques of collecting delinquent balances. In order to complete the first week of training, the new collections associate must take and pass the ACA’s FDCPA Essentials course and test with a passing score of 90% of higher, in order to maintain their employment with CLM and continue to the second week of training.
During this second week of training, the collectors are placed with our floor supervisors. The main focus continues to be the FDCPA, while the new associates become familiar with handling calls. These calls are closely monitored by the supervisor to ensure the clients’ and CLMs’ standards and expectations are maintained. At the end of the second week, if it is determined that the new collector is familiar with the rules and regulations of collections and the clients, expectations/requirements, and it is determined that the new collector has the capability to continue with acceptable behavior, the new collector will maintain their employment with CLM and will be placed in a permanent group on the collection floor.
All CLM collection staff partakes in semi-annual FDCPA testing. Should an associate score below 90% on this exam, the associate is immediately required to take the FDCPA Essentials training seminar before continuing on the phone. Upon completion of this training, the collection associate takes another exam. The collection associate must achieve a score of 90% in order to maintain their employment with CLM. There is also extensive annual training on both the FDCPA and also Info Security so that the collection associate maintains the highest level of up to date knowledge of these ever-changing topics.